Smart investing these days is more difficult than in the past. Patterns, trends in the market, and indicators of success are not easily detected and tracked by analysts. Investing always involves a degree of risk, but smart investors choose companies and industries that offer more security than others.


A company that has grown significantly is typically a better investment opportunity than a to start-up company. The history indicates the company’s ability to adjust to circumstances and move ahead. A newly established company has yet to demonstrate that skill.

Longevity also speaks to the relevance of the products or services provided by a company seeking investors. Fads, unsuccessful ideas, and products that are no longer useful or desired do not stand the test of time. Companies with decades of experience are more likely to survive increasing competition and uncertain conditions in the economy.

A Track Record

Investors wish to see numbers. They want success broken down into elements that are easily tracked. The number of products sold, for example, or quality assurance facts are the types of information that attract or caution potential investors and business partners.

A successful company that has been in business for nearly three decades and has grown consistently, such as Consumer Portfolio Services, provides the numbers sought by selective investors. The service is specialized, in demand, and delivers what is promised.


One skill of successful investors is thoroughly researching companies that pique their attention. Websites, financial reports, references, industry buzz, and the advice of financial professionals are all taken into consideration before money is invested. It is critical to protect the investment as much as possible and stay within the comfort zone of the individual investor.

Companies that make information readily available have better success in attracting and keeping investors. Transparency is paramount, especially in this digital age when hiding information is the norm. Those venturing into investing will want to develop research methods and resources for proper information on potential investments.


Spreading the investment budget among different industries and companies results in a diverse portfolio that will better weather the market fluctuations in the long-term. The theory is while one investment may falter, others will increase.